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Storytelling community for the COP26: Join us!

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Monday, July 12, 2021 at 10:00:00 AM UTC

Network Event, Information Session

Climate Change Education, Public Awareness, International Coorperation, Public Participation, Public Access to Information

Activists, School Students, University Students, Storytellers, Artists, Marketing/Story Editing/Community Building Experts


People should become curious about our climate campaign and be inspired to share their story. Also they will take away how they can join and become part of the community.


We are looking for openminded and dedicated changemakers to build a diverse, global community of storytellers. Our event is meant as an information session to make people aware of our climate campaign for the COP 26 and give them the opportunitiy to join us. People will be able to get to know SpreadSecondStories. We are looking forward to enter in a dialogue with the visitors and include them in the process of the campaign. To build that community people can join us by taking different roles. They can become storytellers and share their climate-related story and/or they can become a volunteer and gain experience in marketing/storyediting or community building.

Host Organization


SpreadSecondStories is planning a climate campaign for the COP26, where we want to empower storytellers to tell their personal story about themselves and the climate. We have the goal to establish a global community of international storytellers to make their voices heard. Stories matter to create public awareness and educate people on the climate crisis. We invite everyone to join us and participate in building the community of change makers, who believe in the power of storytelling when it comes to the climate crisis.

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