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Green Financing: Advancing Youth-led Climate Actions through Finance

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Elements of ACE


Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 11:30:00 AM UTC

Panel discussion, Workshop

Climate Change Education, Public Awareness

Activists, Private Sector, University Students


To understand what climate finance is and how young people can access funds to finance their projects. In addition, they get to know about the first climate youth fund.


This  event is designed to have youth representatives to share their own   diversified forms of creative ACE climate campaigns, as well as the climate   education programmes they have taken to inspire and empower their campaigns,   with discussion among themselves and with audience on how young people's   campaign can create bigger influence.
   Tentative youth guests are listed below:
   1. A 15-year-old Scottish student who wrote a global report on climate   change to guide people on how to face climate threats.
   2. A 30-year-old young Chinese composer, who in collaboration with youth   and children, created pieces of music calling human attention to the climate   change crisis by impacted animals and nature.
   3. A 15-year-old student from Taiwan designed a picture book on the impact   of climate change and launched an online climate campaign to encourage his   peers to take climate action.
   4. A 34-year-old young ballerina, co-creating some dance performances with   her youth students to deliver climate message.
   5. 10-15 years old students from China, the United Kingdom, and France   organized a project study group to conduct research on climate change, which   has been developed into an online campaign to spread their climate messages   to their peers.

Host Organization

25onehundred- CLIMA Youth Fund

Climate finance is an underestimated subject in the climate space. Our organization believes that sustainable solutions need investment to grow and access to finance and the role of finance is key to advancing climate action. We utilize ACE's element such as Climate change Education and public awareness to build capacity and knowledge around climate finance.

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