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Creative Youth-led ACE Campaigns in Asia and Europe

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 11:00:00 AM UTC


Climate Change Education, Public Awareness, International Coorperation, Public Participation

Everyone, Policy Advocates, Activists, Private Sector, Research/Scientists, School Students, University Students


Youth, once aware of the climate urgency and our own power in tackling it (with the help of education and other ACE work), could be inspired and empowered to develop and deliver our own creative and powerful climate action and campaigns, including further and broader climate ACE campaigns. We youth are defending our own future through our climate campaigns.


In what ways can young people successfully advance both the ACE agenda in the UNFCCC process and ACE-related activities in their national and local contexts

Host Organization

Association des 3 Herissons

We, Association Des 3 Hérissons is a France headquartered non-governmental organization, dedicated on environmental and climate education for youth and children. Our education programs, awareness raising campaigns, and campaign training sessions, delivered by young teachers, have inspired, motived and empowered youth and children to build and take their own climate actions to broader youth peers around them. Doing so we are fulfilling our commitment to contribute towards the education and public awareness raising obligations as listed under Article 4 para 1(i) and Article 6 of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, under Article 12 of Paris Agreement, and Article 10 of Kyoto Protocol.
One example is our recent climate change education online courses ( for youth and children. We have been going through a life-changing journey with youth and children from Asia, Europe, North America, and Pacific countries. Their understanding of climate change crisis and their views of their relationship with nature have improved, which inspired and empowered them to take diversified forms of climate action with their peers. For example, some of the youth are collaborating with some world renowned pianists, musicians and artists creating music and dance performances ( to promote their own climate messages to the broader youth community and the public, through which aiming to motivate people around them to make a change. We are walking them through the journey and so touched by their passion. Therefore we’d like to apply alongside with our youth students for a side even at the ACE Youth Forum for them to tell their climate stories and demonstrate their creative ways to deliver climate message and action. Thank you very much.

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