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COP 26 Youth Simulation in Barranquilla

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Elements of ACE


Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 4:45:00 PM UTC

COP Simulation

Climate Change Education, Training, Public Awareness

Activists, School Students, University Students


The will get skills and training about climate policy and negotiations, international relations, and awareness about climate change and decision making processes around the globe.


The event will be online and we will organize 3 blocks of negotiations for the 40   youth delegates. We will make a opening and we are looking for a guest   speaker to open the negotiations, this guest speaker can be someone from the   UK embassy in Colombia, and the Italy embassy, for example. This event connects with ACE because as   precedent activities each youth delegate has to attend educational sessions   to prepare their research and national position for the cop 26 simulation, as   in the reality. It will provide the knowledge for climate policy, uNFCCC   negotiations, discourse preparations, climate diplomacy, among others.

Host Organization


Barranquilla + 20 is a youth led nongovernmental organization with 8 years of experience in the environment and nature field in Colombia. Founded in 2012 and legally registered in 2018, our mission is to educate and empower children and youth citizens in Colombia and in the Latin-American region to build sustainable cities and territories.

Through our work, we continue to put climate change at the forefront of the national interest, while empowering Colombian youth to actively use their voices in the fight to protect the environment. Our projects ranging from education, to SDGs, gender and environment, sustainable energy for schools and water governance has impacted more than 20.000 changing their lives and relationship with nature.

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