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Addressing Knowledge and Skill Gaps for Enhanced Transparency under the Paris Agreement: A Consultation with Youth and Academia

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Elements of ACE


Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 12:00:00 PM UTC


Climate Change Education, Public Awareness, International Coorperation

Research/Scientists, University Students


Participants will 1) learn about innovative examples of climate-related educational modalities, 2) get an overview of the initial concept for a youth-centered capacity-building initiative led by the FAO Transparency Team, and 3) and learn about ways to get involved in the development of the initiative activities and outputs.


The event aims to solicit inputs from all interested stakeholders involved in the field of climate change education, awareness raising, and skill development to enrich the conceptualization of a youth-centered capacity-building initiative for enhanced transparency under the Paris Agreement. The event is structured as a consultation, with ample time for live interactions, polling exercises and lively discussions. The agenda is structured in 3 main parts: 

1) an overview of the concept note will be presented, followed by 2) the interactive segment where event participants share their inputs on various aspects of the initiative components and outputs. Lastly 3) a few examples of successful practices for enhancing the implementation of climate-centered education, awareness-raising, and skill development will be presented to conclude the discussions. The event will be led by the FAO Transparency Team and joined by other relevant partners, tbc.

Host Organization

Food and Agriculture Organization

FAO works with its Member Countries and partners to facilitate global dialogue, mobilize environmental and climate finance, and lead advocacy and actions to promote sustainable agriculture and food security within the global sustainability agenda. It also works with other organizations in many countries to foster transparency in the agriculture and land use sectors through technical and institutional capacity-building. Training, public awareness, knowledge sharing and cooperation, and enhancing access to information for all guide the work of the FAO, which are closely linked to the ACE elements. The FAO Transparency Team also works closely with the UNFCCC constituted bodies and relevant processes to boost the reach and impact of its capacity-building efforts, including with regards to youth.
For more information, check out FAO’ work on climate change and environment:
- Priority work streams of the Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment [];
- FAO programmes and projects of climate change and environment [].

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